Land Rover Considering Locations for American Factory

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Land Rover and Jaguar have seen unprecedented stability and growth since Tata took over their ownership from Ford six years ago. As both companies continue to add models that resonate with customers’ tastes, particularly in America, it’s easy to see why executives are shopping for dirt Stateside.

According to a report in the UK’s The Sunday TimesTata is eyeing locations in the same southern states that other premium carmakers – notably BMW and Mercedes-Benz – have found so agreeable.

While still speculative, many insiders believe South Carolina is the current frontrunner should Jaguar/Land Rover decide to set up shop on this side of the pond.

Since the company has not confirmed any commitment to such an endeavor, it’s hard to say whether an American plant would build Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles, or perhaps both. Either way, it would be the first English-branded vehicle to wear a Made in USA label.


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