Icon 4X4 Shows D110-based Reformer at SEMA

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The annual aftermarket parts and accessories orgy otherwise known as the SEMA show is under way this week in Las Vegas. And while the show is big on street rods and other high-performance custom cars, there’s also an entire hall dedicated just to trucks and off-road vehicles, making it the perfect venue for Icon 4X4 to debut a new Land Rover project vehicle.

Better known for its Toyota FJ and Bronco re-creations, California-based Icon has recently become comfortable with Land Rover Defenders as well. Last year it completed its first Defender project, a D90, at the request of a client, and now it’s applied the same basic treatment to a D110 that it is calling the Reformer.

Icon-Defender-9Starting with a NAS 110, Icon stripped the Rover of all its “Toys-R-Us blow-molded plastic crap” interior trim, ditched the old Buick-based V8, and rebuilt the four-door from the ground up.

Highlights include a GM LS3 V8 making more than twice the power as the original motor. An aftermarket air conditioning system abandons the weak factory setup, and the dash has been treated to an aircraft-inspired design.

If you’ve ever seen an Icon truck up close, you’ll know the gods are in the details. The shifter, for instance, gives the impression that a classic long-throw manual gearbox has been fitted, when in actuality it’s a four-speed automatic, as evidenced my the pair – not trio – of custom alloy pedals. The gauges resemble cockpit instruments from a vintage warplane, and all of the door hardware is machined of billet aluminum.

Icon-Defender-6That familiar Defender face is even been mildly restyled, with custom headlight trims housing all-LED lighting. Icon fabricated custom top wing vents for this version, something they ran out of time to do on their D90 project, and the custom side vents actually feed the engine’s intake system.

The custom front bumper features an integrated winch and Vision X aircraft landing lights. The rear bumper supports a custom spare tire carrier on the left side, taking the weight off the rear door, and a swing-away jerry can holder on the right side. The original exoskeleton now includes an integrated ladder on the driver’s side.

We love what Icon has done so far with Defenders, and we secretly wish we had a Range Rover Classic to throw at them to work their magic.

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