Kahn Design Builds Ultimate Defender for London Motor Show

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The Wilks brothers certainly never imagined their humble Land Rover taking on the upscale character that British customizer Afzal Kahn applies to modern Defenders. Nevertheless, Kahn and his Chelsea Truck Company have developled quite a following taking the old girl off the farm and dressing her up for city life.

The latest in the line will debut in London (naturally) this week at the London Motor Show. The three-door hardtop is kitted out with all of the usual Kahn Design treatments – big wheels, clean bodywork, sumptuous interior – but has a handful of new features in store.

Dressed in Santorini Black, the Ultimate Defender, as Kahn refers to it, rides on 9.0” x 20” Mondial five-spoke wheels finished in Volcanic Black fitted with 275/55-20 tires. Through the spokes can be seen high-performance brake calipers glowing in Burnt Orange Metallic paint.

Limited Edition Kahn Land Rover Defender-6

The body is outfitted with wider fenders to accommodate the huge rubber, with arch extensions painted to match the body. A new grille and integrated vents beef up the look, as does the unique front bumper. Kahn stripes finish off the outward appearance.

Inside, leather covers the interior upgrades, including a center glove box, full door cards, grab handles and dashboard. The traditional Defender seats have been removed to make way for front and rear GTB sport seats, trimmed out in black leather with swanky striped Hield fabric accents.

Limited Edition Kahn Land Rover Defender-5

The overall effect is the height of military chic, though this Defender will likely never see so much as a gravel road. As Kahn sees it, “I have designed a vehicle that celebrates the history and unique personality of the Defender. This is a fitting tribute to one of the world’s best loved vehicles and I would welcome feedback from Defender owners and enthusiasts alike who are welcome to visit my Kings Road boutique in Chelsea.”

If you’re in London between May 5-9, check out it out for yourself at the Kahn Design display. Or you can write a check for it – £65,000, or approximately $95,000 – and see it at home in your own garage.

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