Kickstarter Book Project Chronicles and Funds South African Family’s World Expedition by Land Rover Defender

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Many of us dream of packing up the truck and hitting the open road for destinations unknown. The Bell family – Graeme, Luisa, Keela, and Jessica – of South Africa have done just that. Setting out in 2012, they have so far traversed most of South America in their modified Defender 130, and are now touring the United States. Along the way, they’ve chronicled their journey and have written a book, which is now a Kickstarter project

Filled with a mix of sound advice and stunning photography, the aptly titled “Travel the Planet Overland” is part adventure guide, part escape vehicle. The Bell’s claim the 200-page book is all compiled and going through final editing now before going off to press. Those who pledge roughly $45 to the book’s Kickstarter campaign should expect to see their copies sometime in August.


Only a week after launching the funding drive, the Bells have already exceeded their goal of raising $10,000 to produce the book, and are well on their way to reaching a series of stretch goals. Presumably there will be additional copies available for sale after the Kickstarter campaign as well, as with the family’s first book, “We Will Be Free.”

We look forward to catching up with the Bells when they make their way to the Northeast where Alloy+Grit is based. Until then, we’ll sit back and wait for our copy of the book to arrive.


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