Project Toylander Starts to Take Shape

Master Pull Summer 2018

In the Spring 2017 issue of Alloy+Grit magazine, art director Chris Holewski introduced a new project he’s working on, a homebuilt 1/3-scale Series II replica that he’s building for his young children. The Toylander “DIY kit” arrived at his house as a collection of plans and critical hardware. An optional kit with pre-cut plywood or MDF panels was also an option, but as this kit is produced in and shipped from England, so he decided to source the big pieces locally and do the cutting himself to save some shipping expense.

Finally moved into his new home and now with his own garage once again, Chris has been taking advantage of the seasonable weather to get out and start making some progress on the Toylander. Here you can see the basic structure, with a plywood floorpan and firewall in place. All the other body panels are cut and will soon be added. Follow the build to see the step-by-step buildup.