Tentsile Stingray Tent

Master Pull Summer 2018

Ground camping can leave you unrested if you can’t first find level, smooth or dry ground. The three-person Tentsile Stingray tree tent removes those concerns, as it floats above the ground surface suspended from trees. Heavy-duty ratcheting straps attach to the three corners of the tent, allowing you to triangulate as needed to achieve a level perch. Tension straps in the floor allow for fine-tuning once weight is added. Entry is through either a front zipper door, or through a port in the center of the floor. A waterproof rain fly is included. No additional hardware or tools are required, and setup takes about 15 minutes. Rolls into a storage bag the size of a typical duffel.

Following our photo shoot, our overnight test included an impromptu thunderstorm, which we’re thrilled to report resulted in a completely dry tent. The area beneath the tent, including the spot where shoes came off before entering, remain essentially dry as well. We’ll be using the Stingray again soon at an upcoming camp weekend in the woods, where this type of tent is uniquely suited

$650 from tentsile.com