Alloy+Grit is the only publishing brand dedicated exclusively to North American Land Rover enthusiasts. From Series One to the newest Range Rover, we capture the allure of these fascinating and iconic vehicles, the exceptional people who own them, and the spectacular places they travel. Our stories are told in the words and images of experienced professionals and well-traveled enthusiasts alike, each issue a visual and tactile delight to be cherished for years.


Four times a year, Alloy+Grit magazine arrives in subscribers’ mailboxes. Each 100-page issue is perfect-bound and produced to a high standard on large-format, premium stock with a thick, soft-touch cover. The magazine is substantial; worthy of prominent display, each issue is designed to be kept for future reference. Also available individually at Barnes & Noble and select specialty retailers.


A digital edition accompanies each print release of Alloy+Grit magazine. Viewable on any HTML5-enabled browser, the digital version is perfect for reading on a laptop, tablet or phone. Print subscribers receive a private version of the full magazine almost immediately after the print edition is released. Additionally, a limited-content preview version of the magazine is available publicly at no charge.


Alloy+Grit stays connected to Land Rover enthusiasts between each issue with timely news, original feature stories, event reports, technical articles, and project vehicle installments on


Alloy+Grit engages with Land Rover fans around the world through its visually prominent social channels. Our exceptionally curated Instagram page exceeds 30,000 followers and our growing Facebook audience is highly engaged.


Alloy+Grit is written for Land Rover enthusiasts across the spectrum, from prospective first-time owner to dedicated lifer. We concentrate on the interests of North American enthusiasts, but with maintain a distinctly global appeal. The content is a masterful blend of Land Rover vehicles new and old, balanced with adventure, technology and personality stories to inspire even the non-owner.

The typical Alloy+Grit reader is Male (96%), 43 years old, College Educated (53%+ with four-year degree), Professional/Entrepreneurial, with a household income of $125,000+. Our audience is defined by three primary owner profiles:


Purists are passionate about classic Land Rover vehicles. Interests include restoration and maintenance, as well as driving and showing their vehicles. Many of these owners also continue to use their unrestored classics for off-road use and adventure travel.

(Categories: Restoration products, tools, maintenance, fluids, finish care, replacement parts, vintage accessories, specialty automotive retailers, import specialists)


Adventurists represent the core of the Land Rover enthusiast base. Their interests include optimizing their vehicles for recreational use, such as off-roading, overland travel, and other sporting activities. A majority of these owners maintain their own vehicle.

(Categories: Maintenance, fluids, tires, wheels, off-road accessories, racks, overlanding/camping gear, lighting, replacement parts, service/installation)


While more likely to drive completely unmodified vehicles, Lifestylists embrace the spirit of adventure that Land Rover represents. These include first-time and serial Land Rover owners, as well as aspirational non-owners. Their interests often lie in lifestyle travel and social opportunities.

(Categories: Travel, lifestyle experiences, apparel & footwear, finish care, horology, personal accessories, professional services, secondary vehicles)


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