Alloy+Grit is the only magazine devoted entirely to North American Land Rover enthusiasts. From Series One to the newest Range Rover, we capture the true essence of these fascinating and iconic vehicles, the exceptional people who own them, and the spectacular places they go. Our stories are told in the words and images of experienced professionals and well-traveled enthusiasts alike, each issue a visual and tactile delight sure to be cherished for years.

Four times a year, Alloy+Grit arrives in readers’ mailboxes in print form. Each 100-page issue is perfect- bound and produced to a high standard on premium stock in a large 9×11 format with a thick cover finished in soft-touch UV coating. The printed magazine is an impressive piece, worthy of prominent display and designed to be saved for future reference.

A digital edition accompanies each print release of Alloy+Grit and can be read on a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone – on any HTML5-enabled browser, in fact. Print subscribers have access to a private version of the digital edition almost immediately after the paper issue is released. Additionally, digital editions of past issues become available publicly as new print issues are released.

Alloy+Grit stays connected to Land Rover enthusiasts between issues with timely news, original feature stories, technical articles and project vehicle builds through its website, www.alloyandgrit.com. The website also hosts reader resources such as club and online community listings, as well as the Alloy+Grit store, where readers can become subscribers.

Alloy+Grit engages with its readers as well as Land Rover fans around the world through its visually prominent social channels. We promote all our website articles and magazine updates to our growing base of 2,000+ Facebook followers. Our highly curated Instagram page has exploded to more than 20,000 followers in less than a year.

Alloy+Grit is written for Land Rover fans across the spectrum, from the first-time owner to the dedicated lifer. The typical Alloy+Grit reader is Male (97%), 43 Years Old, College Educated (52%+ with 4-year degree), Professional/ Entrepreneurial, with a Household Income of $125,000+. Our readers fall into three primary owner profiles: Purists, Enthusiasts, and Lifestylists.


Purists’ interests lie with classic Land Rover vehicles. Their primary areas of interest include restoration and maintenance, as well as driving and showing their vehicles. Many of these owners also continue to use unrestored classics off-road.




Enthusiasts interests include modifying and personalizing their vehicles for recreational use, such as off-roading, overlanding and other outdoor sporting activities. Many of these owners maintain and repair their own vehicles at home.




Lifestylists may be entirely new to the brand, but they still embrace the spirit of adventure that owning a Land Rover entails. Their interests lie in adventure travel as well as social opportunities with their vehicles.


Through an exclusive arrangement with Atlantic British, the first four issues of Alloy+Grit are being selectively distributed at no charge to customers who make a qualifying purchase, ensuring circulation of at least 20,000 copies per issue. Alloy+Grit is also available to purchase online, through select retailers who serve the Land Rover community, and through numerous independent booksellers.

Alloy+Grit offers a number of full-color options in a variety of full- and partial-page sizes. All full-page ads include
the option of running full-bleed at no additional cost, plus the option to take advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) enhancement using the Aurasma image-recognition app to link to videos or other external digital assets. All print ads also include placement in the accompanying digital versions.

Standard placements include full-bleed one-page and two-page positions. Fractional non-bleed placements are available in 1/2-page. 1/3-page, 1/4-page, and 1/8-page positions.

Special placements include our inside front cover (C2), which is always paired with its adjacent page for a two- page spread. Our inside back cover (C3) runs opposite our one-page “Ad Infinitum” feature, a reflection on vintage Land Rover advertising. And of course our outside back cover (C4) is certain to capture attention.

Qualifying businesses can take advantage of our Independent Service Directory. These text-only placements are reserved for service and repair businesses that serve a predominantly local clientele. These 1/12-page ads are an affordable way to get your business in front of Land Rover owners everywhere.


For more information or to request our 2017 Advertising Rates, please contact using the form below or email us at adverting@alloyandgrit.com.


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