The more sophisticated our cars and trucks become, the more disconnected we are from the journey they are capable of taking us on. A century ago, traveling almost anywhere by automobile was an adventure; drivers carefully plotted their journey, equipped themselves for unforeseen pitfalls and even dressed to get through the trip safely and comfortably. Driving the muddy ruts and cobbled streets that passed for roads in those early days would be considered off-roading by today’s standards.


For most of us, thankfully, we now enjoy the luxury of hopping into a car, hitting the navigation button and arriving in comfort just about anywhere we need to go. But there are still magnificent places to explore in this world that paved roads simply won’t take you, and where most modern cars (and drivers) would dare not venture.

Land Rover is one of the few remaining manufacturers that still builds its vehicles with a go-anywhere, do-anything spirit and the hardware to back it up. This exuberance for adventure and discovery still drives the company and its products, appealing to some of the most intrepid and passionate owners throughout the world.

Alloy+Grit was born out of this same passion. Our mission is simple: to produce the finest stories and most complete resource for Land Rover owners and enthusiasts across North America. And to do it all from a distinctly American perspective.


The name Alloy+Grit surfaced as a unique expression of the two primary components we see in every Land Rover vehicle. Alloy – quite literally, because aluminum alloy has been used extensively since the Wilks brothers’ very first prototype and is now a defining element of the brand. Grit – not only for the dusty kind that you pick up by taking the road less traveled, but also for the kind of intestinal fortitude that takes Land Rover vehicles and their owners to the ends of the earth.

Alloy+Grit is North America’s only independent outlet for all things Land Rover. We are not affiliated with or owned by any company that sells Land Rover vehicles or products. You can count on us to cover the entire spectrum of the Land Rover lifestyle and experience, from vintage models to the latest offerings, from Defender to Range Rover, both off-road and on.