The Journal is simply another name for the Alloy+Grit website. This is where you’ll find regular updates from around the world of Land Rover. A quick glance at the top navigation bar spells out the general scope of the journal.

The Alloy+Grit NEWS section is where you’ll find the latest news from Land Rover, the aftermarket, local and regional clubs, motorsport and more. We gather information from around the world and share it with you, adding our own insight to make it as relevant as possible for you.

The ROAD TESTS heading is where you’ll find our reviews of the most recent new Land Rover models we’ve driven. We’ll bring you the high points of the latest from Land Rover with FIRST IMPRESSIONS as we experience them from media introductions and special events, with more complete analysis later in the form of FIRST DRIVE reports. Our ROAD TESTS will allow us to explore new Land Rover models on our own terms, while our OFFROAD TESTS will challenge their capabilities. From time to time we may even pit a Land Rover up against one of its competitors with a COMPARISON.

Our FEATURES will look beyond just the newest Land Rovers to examine the PRODUCTS and LIFESTYLE elements that round out the scene. We will report to you on Land Rover EVENTS as well as off-road TRAILS around the country. Other stories will also include FEATURE VEHICLES and TECH ARTICLES.

Our exclusive ROVEROGRAPHY series is a great way to showcase your favorite Land Rover (that would be yours, we’re guessing). The format is simple; just download the questionnaire here, fill it out and return it to us along with a few good pictures. We’ll pick the most interesting vehicles and owners based on the answers and pictures you submit and feature your story on the journal.

The Alloy+Grit RESOURCE section will be the first place you visit when you need a quick answer to Land Rover questions. Need to know the ground clearance on the new Range Rover Sport? Check out the Tech Specs page for than model. Trying to explain to your friend how to tell if it’s a Discovery I or a Discovery II? Point them to the photo galleries. Seeking other Land Rover owners? Visit the club listings.