Issue1-SampleWhen it launches in November 2016, the print version of Alloy+Grit will be a beautiful, large-format quarterly magazine. Brimming with insightful content, stunning photography and evocative writing, each 100-page volume will focus on the unique interests of North American Land Rover enthusiasts. Certain to be the highlight of your coffee table and worthy of prominent placement on your bookshelf, it will be designed for years of enjoyable reading, printed using quality paper and inks, and perfect-bound to be cherished for a lifetime.

Alloy+Grit will be a modern multi-media publication, delivering a mix of content across all the channels you might expect. For some, that’s the news, stories and resources found on this website. Others no doubt will prefer to lean back and enjoy the deeper engagement and more relaxed experience of a beautifully produced print magazine.

Even in print, the pages of Alloy+Grit will come to life with interactive features like videos, audio clips, photo galleries, and more, all accessible through your smartphone or tablet, and without the unsightly addition of QR codes.

The print version of Alloy+Grit will debut on November 15, 2016. The debut issue can be pre-ordered now by visiting our online store.