Brett Fritzler’s 1998 Discovery I

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This week’s ROVEROGRAPHY is Brett Fritzler’s 1998 Discovery I.

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The Owner

Name: Brett Fritzler
Location: Lake Villa, IL
Club Affiliations: Chicago Land Rover Club

The Land Rover

Year and Model: 1998 Discovery 1
Current Mileage: 130,000
Color: Woodcote Green
Engine: 4.0 Rover V8
Transmission: Auto
– RockStar Fab front and rear bumper with swing away
– Viking GS-9 winch
– RockStar Fab roof rack
– Bottorf rock sliders
– SouthDown snorkel
– Custom 1.5″ DOM Heavy Duty steering rods
– RTE adjustable pan hard
– Tibus heavy duty front axles/CVs
– RoverTracks heavy duty rear axles
– Tom Woods DC front driveshaft
– RTE cranked radius arms with slotted axle bushings
– 3″ RTE springs
– Scorpion Racing front dislocation cones
– D2 front upper shock towers and RTE front lower shock mounts
– D90 front brakes
– Custom-jointed 2″ DOM rear trailing arms
– Fox 2.0 Emulsion shocks, 11″ front and 12″ rear
– RTE rear upper shock mounts
– RTE A-arm spacer
– Paragon Performance extended 25″ long braided stainless steel brake lines
– Sewer capped diffs front and rear
– Ashcroft 4.12 gears
– Ashcroft air lockers front and rear
– Wheel spacers on stock alloys
– 315/75/16 BF Goodrich KM2 mud tires

Their Story

How many Land Rovers have you owned, including this one?
Four. I currently have a 1996 and a 1995 as well.

Friztler-1How long have you had this Land Rover?
November of 2009

What was the condition when you bought it?
Just a bone-stock used truck

Do you still have it?

What made you choose this particular Land Rover?
I had wanted something good in the snow and just happened across the Discovery. Reading up I knew it had full-time four-wheel drive and a locking center differential, so I scooped it up.

What is your favorite thing about your Land Rover?
Its uniqueness. Lifted Jeeps are everywhere. A lifted Discovery is pretty unique and looks great.

Friztler-2How do you use it?
It started as my daily driver and ended up being a dedicated trail/adventure truck. It does great in the snow in the winter. I also have been using it for camping trips and just got back doing 300 miles on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure trail with it. The ’96 is now my daily driver.

Describe a perfect day with your Land Rover.
Not working on it! Seriously though, a perfect day would be hitting the trail with it and kicking back around a fire with friends and beers afterwards.

What was your most embarrassing experience in your Land Rover?
I attempted to launch a boat to go fishing one time. My brake light switch went out in the middle of the boat ramp and I couldn’t shift out of park. Having only owned the truck for about six months, I didn’t know this was a common failure point or about the paperclip trick on the cargo door glass. I had to disconnect the boat/trailer and watch as my truck was dragged on skids up onto the flatbed tow truck. My friend that was with me still teases me about it to this day.

Does your Land Rover have a name?
Nope. I jokingly refer to them all as “the green one” though, which my wife doesn’t exactly find funny since all three are green.

What do your friends and family say about your Land Rover?
My friends and family think they are cool. They are always amazed at what the trucks are capable of off-road.

Friztler-4Who else gets to drive it?
My wife drives the ’96 occasionally. She hates it but I think its totally hot.

What was your favorite experience so far with your Land Rover?
The Land Rover National Rally in Moab 2010. The combination of the trails, scenery, and camaraderie made it an incredible experience.

What was the worst breakdown or failure you ever experienced with it?
I had just finished running Poison Spider Mesa at the 2010 LRNR in Moab. I fueled up and parked at Radio Shack to get a part for my CB. I came back out and my fuel pump had quit. So I spent the rest of the evening swapping in a Chevy pump in the Radio Shack parking lot. The worst part was I could see all the Rovers pulling into the Moab Brewery and their owners no doubt having a great time.

Do you love it or hate it?
Love it. Especially the simplicity of the ’95.

What would you have done differently with it if you could?
I wish I had know that I would end up modifying my truck and developed a clear plan on how to build it. It would have saved a lot of money and wasted time trying different things.

What future plans do you have for your Land Rover?
My ’98 is being retired and the ’95 is being built up. I’m essentially moving everything from the ’98 to the ’95. I see it as my second chance to do things cleanly. I can take my time with it and not have to worry about driving it to work the next day.

Friztler-6If money were no object, what you do with it?
A professional paint job. Otherwise I have it dialed in pretty much exactly how I want it.

What will be your next Land Rover?
No clue. Though I think driving around a Hi- Cap would be cool.

What is your dream Land Rover?
I’d love to have a short-wheelbase Range Rover Classic, but the lack of available parts deters me.

Anything else you want us to know?
Get out there and use your Rover! These new Rovers (LR4 and even Evoque) are incredibly capable and most of their owners don’t know it!

Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you with it?
My wife Delilah, for her patience.

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