Land Rover SVO Creates Range Rover LWB by Holland & Holland

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There’s hardly a more British sporting proposition than hunting from the back of a Range Rover. Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team has collaborated with luxury outfitters Holland & Holland to create a new special edition of the world’s most posh SUV.


Starting with a long-wheelbase Range Rover Autobiography Black model, the Holland & Holland edition is outfitted with the four-passenger executive seating option and painted in exclusive Holland & Holland Green and embellished with the outfitter’s badges on the door and tailgate trimplates. A standard-wheelbase model can also be specified.

Inside, the H&H Range Rover is trimmed in a combination of tan and espresso leather, extending beyond just the seats to include the center console as well. The front seats are embroidered with the Holland & Holland logo; the French walnut dash veneer, cut from a single piece of wood, is polished to match the company’s gun stocks. The real art of the Holland & Holland interior comes in the form of metal engraving and gunstock checkering on the door pulls, center console and “mail slot” trim on the dashboard.


In the cargo area, a leather-trimmed aluminum gun cabinet is built onto the floor, perfect for stowing a pair of the company’s hunting rifles. The cabinet, trimmed in espresso leather to match the cabin, slides outward over the open tailgate for easy access and is load-bearing as well to allow for tailgate seating.

No word on whether it’s coming Stateside (probably not) but the staring price in England is £180,000.

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