Land Rover Goes Literary With “Vanishing Game” Digital Adventure Story

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At a time when fewer people are consuming traditional media like TV and books, companies are constantly looking for new ways to tell their own stories. With a company like Land Rover, whose products promise a life of adventure and discovery, shaping that message in an original and entertaining way requires unconventional means.

By combining animation, video, photography and sound with the literary elements of a short novel, Land Rover has published “Vanishing Game,” a story by renowned British novelist William Boyd. A full-on multimedia experience, the story unfolds on the screen, with interactive components such as imagery that comes to life by scrolling over key words.

Naturally, a Land Rover vehicle, in this case a Defender, features prominently in the narrative, which circles around a driving adventure from London to remote parts of Scotland.

Whether or not this fuels your own sense of adventure or heightens your Land Rover ownership experience, the project is certainly an outside-the-box effort. Judge for yourself by visiting the Vanishing Game site and taking it in.


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