Land Rover Experience Centers Add Heritage Program Using Defenders

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If you love the classic Defender but worry you’ll never own one yourself, you can now experience one off-road without having to buy one. Land Rover announced today a new Heritage Program offering at its three  American Land Rover Experience driving schools. The new program puts participants behind the wheel of North American-spec Defenders in half-day and full-day settings.

“Brand loyalists and new fans alike now have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a piece of history and continue to celebrate this historic Land Rover icon,” said Kim McCullogh, VP of Marketing for Jaguar Land Rover North America.

The program comes in advance of any official announcements about the New Defender, serving as a reminder of the model’s legendary past. The Defender Driving Experience will launch at all three Experience Centers in half-day and full-day programs starting later this month.

The half-day experience will cost $1,200 and full-day will cost $1,500. A decent NAS Defender, on the other hand, will set you back anywhere from about $45,000 to $95,000 or more these days. Consider it a bargain.

Moe details:

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