Range Rover L322 Window Motor/Regulator Replacement

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One common problem with electric windows is that they eventually will fail, leaving the window either open or closed.

Typical causes for a faulty electric window include a faulty switch, electrical relay, motor or regulator.

This feature demonstrates the replacing of the motor and regulator.

The motors are generally very reliable. Regulators generally fail due to metal wire controlling up and down movement tend to fray and jam around the plastic rollers or motor.

Albeit we are replacing the right hand rear window regulator the removal and fitting is similar on each door.

Be sure to either remove or cover any metal belt buckles or jean rivets as you will be working in close proximity to vehicle paintwork. We suggest tucking a rag or towel into your pants, covering any belt buckle or jean rivets. Also, be sure to have clean hands or wear clean gloves as you will be handling interior parts.

Remove the three (3) door card mounting screws. One is under the Land Rover oval badge, one is in the door handle aperture and the remaining screw is in the lower door card kick panel.

Remove the door card by gently putting, (popping) the nine (9) plastic fasteners. Disconnect the door speaker wire and door handle cable.

Peel off the insulator plastic sheet to expose the door assembly.

Remove two (2) of the three regulator/motor mounting screws (Torx 27). It is common that the screws will drop into the door panel. These can be easily retrieved using a magnetic stick. Remove wiring connector to the window motor.

Gently lift window over the white plastic tabs on the lower regulator shelf.

To access the third mounting screw, remove the outer window frame trim. (Trim pops out).

Remove the rear quarter-light upright by removing the three (3) screws. The screws are normally covered by small, round adhesive stickers.

Pull window rubber and pull window out from the outside of the vehicle.

Remove the third regulator securing screw. Remove the motor/regulator assembly.

Transfer and secure the motor onto the new regulator. Place the motor/regulator assembly inside the door panel and secure the three (3) mounting screws. (It is advisable to use “thread lock” on the screws). Replace motor wire connector.

Clean the window rubber and smear with detergent. (This will act as a lubricant and make assembly easier).

Turn on ignition and lower the window regulator.

Lower the window into the door and locate onto the regulator lower shelf. Refit window rubber into the door channel. Replace outer clamping bar and screw into position. Replace inner plastic trim. (Clip in place).

Test window operation.

Replace insulator plastic sheet. Connect door speaker wire and door handle cable. Slide door card panel over the top edge of the door. Press door rivets in place. Replace the three (3) door card mounting screws.

Clean window.

Many thanks to the following shop and parts supplier:

Parts supplier:

Britcar UK Ltd
Phone: 011 44 1473 907444

Regulator part numbers:

Front RH – CUH500220
Front LH – CUH500230
Rear RH – CVH500100
Rear LH – CVH500110

Shop facility:

Authorized Imported
Flemington, NJ
Phone: (908) 788-1982

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